Muonio the pearl of Lapland

The nature of Muonio is expressive. We have a great number of large and small lakes with fish, hundreds of kilometers of rivers and streams, wilderness, fells and fertile soil for berries, roaring rapids and beutiful scenery.

On your way to explore Muonio, you may cross the polar circle by flight to Kittilä, by train to Kolari or by your own means, the mainroads 21 and 79 cross in Muonio Town.

The town lies at the latitude 68 N, in North-Western Lapland. The area of our municipality is 2014 km2 out of  which water and waterways 124 km2.

The first settlers came during the Stone Age, but the first Finnish inhabitant joined the Lapps in 1575. The first clergyman established in Muonio 1788 and the old wooden churc - designed by Charles Bass - was introduced in the year 1817, In the begining of 2005 the population was round 2500.

Arctic food culture is worth an Idea as well. Here you can taste and be fascinated by the traditional meals of Lappland, cooked from the clean and unique rawmaterials of the North, like: reindeer, game birds, various fish, wild mushrooms and berries.

Sweden is conveniently visited over the borderbridge. Norway and the Arctic Ocean can be easily reached from Muonio by your own car or by bus.

When you are under the spell of Muonio, you might feel like a hut, cottage or a villa in the fell, by the lake or river or even in the wilds.

Welcome to discover!