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Working and vacation times 2022 -2023

Tue 9.8. – Thu 22.12.2022

autumn holiday week 42

holiday 5 December 2022

Mon 9.1. – Sat 3 June 2023
ski holiday week 10
holiday 6 April 2023 (Holy Thursday)


1st period 9.8–11.10 2022
2nd period 12.10.2022–10.1.2023
3rd period 11.1.–24.3.2023
4th period 27.3.–3.6.2023


Caption: The elementary and middle school buildings with their courtyards were photographed from above in September 2020.


Muonio comprehensive school's operating idea is to give students a positive value base. The goal is for parents, teachers and the entire school staff to commit to supporting the child's growth into a responsible member of society.

A total of 258 students (from kindergarten to 9th grade) will start in our comprehensive school in the fall of 2021. We operate in three different buildings (school, primary and secondary school). The "carpet" connecting the elementary and middle schools will be completed in the fall of 2021.

Our staff includes teachers, instructors, cleaners, property managers and an office secretary. The best way to reach us is through Wilma.

There is a "Reindeer Kick" field in our yard area, which is also in use outside of school hours. In addition, the yard has e.g. hut forest, swings, hobby horse track, ping-pong table and outdoor play area, which are also in use in the evenings. In addition to the trail network, the school's ski area also has a log cabin, which is used by the classes during the school day.

The following excursions are in our school's action plan

Pre-classes: Fall trip

1st-2nd grade: Vatikuru and Pallasjärvi nature tour every other year

3rd-4th grade: Olos wind farm and Särkitunturi every other year

5th-6th grade: Keimiötunturi or another nearby destination

6th grade: 3-5 day camp school with the money collected in spring 2022

7th-9th grade: Excursion to the nearby area Thu 9 September 2021

7th grade: 3-5 day camp school with the money collected in spring 2022

All classes have an outdoor day in spring 2022.

Caption: Pupils of the unified school going on an autumn hike in Keimiötunturi in the fall of 2019. Pallastunturi and Lake Keimiöjärvi are visible in the background.


Info of the comprehensive school

Muonio comprehensive School
Opintie 8
99300 Muonio

Principal of basic education
Linda Yliniemi
+358 40 489 5190

Assistant Director
Paula Ylitalo
+358 40 184 7633

Office secretary
Maijariitta Nikkonen
+358 40 489 5124

At the upper school, Mon, Wed - Fri


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Important links

For use by students and guardians:

Wilma (fi)
eDaisy (fi)

Information about the school:

PedaNet (fi)


Registration for preschool education 2022 has started

Applications for pre-school education can be made electronically through edaisy (fi) by Friday, February 25, 2022.

Electronic transactions are always logged in through the service with strong identification, i.e. either with bank credentials or a mobile certificate.

In the service, you can find the Pre-school application form in the applications.

For more information, contact principal Päivi Rantakko on +358 40 489 5190.


Registering as a student at Muonio comprehensive school

The registration form (fi) is delivered to Muonio comprehensive School's office secretary.