Self-service library

Muonio self-service library

The library can be used on your own from Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. outside service hours.

During self-service hours, the library staff is not present, in which case the library premises are monitored using cameras and access control, and the customer takes care of information retrieval and borrowing using self-service library equipment.

The self-help library can be used by anyone over 15 years old with a Library Card. During self-service time, the customer can borrow, return, search for reservations, use computers and read magazines. A wireless network connection is available in the library premises. Services that require staff assistance are not available during self-employment hours. Muonio municipal library guides you in using the self-service library during the library's normal service hours. You can find the service hours of the library and the opening hours of the self-service library on the Muonio municipality's website.

How can I log in to the self-service library?

Jos asiakkaalla on voimassaoleva käyttökielto (käyttökielto voi aiheutua esimerkiksi maksamattomista sakkomaksuista), ei omatoimikirjastoon kirjautuminen ole mahdollista.

You can log in to the self-help library with a valid Lapland library card and a pin code obtained from the Muonio municipal library. You can get a pin code from customer service by proving your identity. The library card is personal.

Every customer of a self-service library must log in with their own personal library card. The exception is customers under the age of 15 who shop in the library accompanied by a guardian or guarantor without their own library card.

When the self-help period starts in the library, it will be announced with an automatic announcement. The announcement also announces the end of the self-service period, after which customers must leave the library premises immediately. Staying in the library premises after self-service time causes an alarm, in which case the customer can be charged a compensation fee for the intentionally caused alarm.

If the customer has a valid ban on use (the ban can be caused by, for example, unpaid fines), logging into the self-service library is not possible.

What should I consider when doing business in a self-service library?

If problems arise when using the self-service library, the customer is obliged to clarify them with the library staff. Borrowed material is the customer's responsibility until it has been properly returned.

The usage rules of Lapland's libraries are valid during self-employment hours. The customer is obliged to compensate for any damages he may have caused. Violations can be reported to the police if necessary.

The customer must take care that no other people enter the self-service library when he logs in. Only dependents under the age of 15 can do business in the library accompanied by a guardian or guarantor without their own library card.

In the library premises, one must behave in a matter-of-fact manner and comply with the Organization Act (612/2003), e.g. the use of substances and disruptive behavior is prohibited. Violation of the rules of use can lead to the removal of the right to use the self-service library.

The premises have recording access and camera surveillance.




Visiting hours

Mon - Thurs 12:00 - 19:00
Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Self-help time

Mon - Sun from 07:00 to 21:00 outside service hours

Contact information

Muonio municipal library

Pirkantie 3
PL  52
99301 Muonio

borrowing  +358 40 356 6254
mobile library +358 400 398 219


Paula Löppönen
library director-culture secretary
+358 40 489 5110

Marja Alatalo
library clerk Muonio library/
Nordic library car
+358 40 356 6254

Vertti Barkholm
youth worker-library clerk
+358 40 489 5193

Sylvia Veini
library car librarian
+358 400 398 219

Kari Ylitalo
library car driver-officer
+358 400 398 219