Building control

Design needs solution

A design needs solution (=suunnittelutarveratkaisu) is needed:

  • When building in an area, in order to satisfy the needs related to its use, it is necessary to take special measures, such as the construction of roads, water pipes or sewers or the organization of free areas.
  • For such construction, which, due to the significance of the environmental effects, requires a wider consideration than the usual permit procedure.
  • When building in an area designated as a planning need area in the master plan or construction order.

The solution is applied electronically at (fi).

Attachments required for the application:

  • Statement of the ownership and management right of the construction site (not more than three months old loan auction certificate, deed of sale or tenancy agreement).
  • Position drawing
  • Report on the neighbor's consultation
  • Site plan map (in a planned area) or approach map (in a sparsely populated area)

The price of the a design needs solution is determined according to the Muonio municipality's building control fee (fi).

Building control info

Building inspector

 Jaakko Muotka

+358 40 516 0790

Office secretary

 Sari Virkkunen

+358 40 489 5106

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