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School youth work

Muonio has received funding from the Regional Administration Office of Lapland to organize school youth work for 2023 and 2024.

The goal of school youth work is to increase the number of meeting, present and safe adults in a unified school and to strengthen the share of youth work in everyday school life, and thus to offer youth work that is equally accessible to everyone, for example, regardless of where they live. The goal is to support the growth and development of children and young people, to take even better account of students who need special support, and to continue developing a new form of work that will take root as an essential part of the everyday life of the school day.

With the help of the new form of work, we can alleviate the negative effects of the oppressive and always changing world; prevent exclusion, mental health challenges and learning difficulties, and help with team building, raising self-esteem and, above all, maintaining a happy school life.

With the help of school youth work, we can approach students from a new perspective in everyday school life; participation, volunteering, happiness and developing the ability to adapt are important values of the new form of work, which help the children and young people of our municipality to cope with the future. With the help of school youth work, in a small municipality with long distances, we can offer youth work effectively equally to all young people living in the municipality. The primary target group of school youth work is young people in grades 5-9. The work is based on the young person's own voluntariness and is customer-oriented, meaning that matters are handled based on the young person's own needs and wishes. You can talk to the school youth worker confidentially about your affairs.

The school youth worker is available during school days at the unified school and occasionally at the youth center in Tippala during open youth evenings. Koulunuorisotila "Klinikka" is located in the middle school building of the unified school (address: Opintie 3, 99300 Muonio). The school youth worker can also be reached on Wilma and social media.

Youth services info

Leader of the youth services

Heidi Pouttu

+358 40 5929 281

Outreach youth worker

Sanna-Mari Pöyry

+358 40 188 4263

e-mails: first name.last