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Youth Council 2021-2023

Netta Hauskanen, chairman and representative of the multidisciplinary youth working group (Eerika Rauhala in reserve)

Mikael Hiukka, vice chairman

Netta Keimiöniemi, representative of the welfare board (in reserve Roosa Sieppi)

Aurora Lappi, representative of the council (in reserve Mikael Hiukka) and representative of the Council for the Elderly and Disabled ( in reserve Pinja Paaso)

Eveliina Liikamaa, representative of the board of education (in reseve Netta Hauskanen)

Pinja Paaso, member

Lauri Rantakokko, treasurer and representative of the youth department of Fell Lapland Leader (in reserve Eveliina Liikamaa)

Eerika Rauhala, representative of the vitality board (in reserve Lauri Rantakokko)

Roosa Sieppi, secretary and communications officer

Youth council contact information:

Instagram: Muonion kunnan nuorisovaltuusto

Facebook: Muonion kunnan nuorisovaltuusto

Youth secretary Heidi Pouttu acts as the presenter/instructor of the youth council.

The youth council works actively in Muonio municipality. The youth council meets about once a month at the youth center in Tippala. The members of the youth council have the right to speak/be present at the meetings of the cultural and technical board of the municipality of Muonio and the council.

Youth services info

Youth council instructor:


Heidi Pouttu

+358 40 5929 281

Youth council email: