Cultural action

Muonio's cultural life is lively, where the importance of tourism has increased. The activities of various organizations and clubs focus on making music, theater and other performing arts.

The events brought by tourism are already worldwide and therefore very significant.

Film and theater activities are bringing stimulation for their part. Lapland Regional Theater's visits from Rovaniemi or theater trips to the county capital bring a suitable stimulus. Film operations are concentrated in Olos Center, where operations are managed by Lapland Hotels.

Muonio art has been and will probably be visible and respected: Katri Vala's production has received deserved attention. The representation of the visual arts is spectacular, as are the performances of the choirs on the music side.

Cultural education plan

The municipality of Muonio has adopted a new cultural education plan for the years 2022-2025. The cultural education plan is an annual recurring, budgeted in advance and achieved through clear agreements, in which the desired type of art and cultural education is guaranteed for the desired age group of each municipality.

The cultural education plan provides information about the history, practices, famous people and the already existing offer of the municipality of residence, while giving the participants the opportunity to broaden their worldview and use their intelligence and creativity.

Muonio municipality's cultural education plan 2022-2025 (fi)


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