Sports services

Gym shifts

The evening and weekend shifts of Muonio's sports halls and fields are distributed by Muonio's sports services.

Gym shifts for the sports hall are requested from sports services. Send your hall shift application to:

Vocational College Lappia shifts can be requested from or

Muonio unified school's sports hall rental prices for the whole season by the hour


half hall 70€, whole hall 140€, stage 20€


half hall 25€, whole hall 50€, stage 10€

Separate events: 15€/h


Vocational school Lappia gym shifts for the whole season by the hour

70 €/h September-May

25€/h June-August

HALL SHIFT IN AUTUMN SEASON from 28 August 2022:

Gymnasium (fi)

Vocational school Lappia (fi)

Cancellations of hall shifts:

Gymnasium (fi)