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Outreach youth work

Muonio has received funding from the Regional Administration of Lapland to organize youth work for the year 2022. The activity is organized together with the municipality of Enontekiö as a work-pair activity.

Outreach youth work is a mobile special youth work aimed at young people under the age of 29, the goal of which is to be present among young people and offer the opportunity for safe and confidential contact with adults. Outreach youth work is field work, guidance and counseling work, and individual guidance. Outreach youth work works with the young person to find answers to the questions that preoccupy the young person's mind and helps the young person reach the help and services they need.

The work is based on the young person's own voluntariness and is customer-oriented, meaning that matters are handled based on the young person's own needs and wishes. The young person's situation is assessed and, listening to the young person's wishes, he is directed to the services he needs. You can talk to the youth worker in confidence about your affairs.

The searching youth worker can be contacted by:

  • the young self
  • parents
  • school staff
  • different authorities (e.g. social services, TE office).
  • persons in the young person's immediate circle (e.g. godparents, cousins, friends)

You can get in touch even if the thing/concern that bothers you is small. You can get in touch by phone, e-mail and by pulling your sleeve when you see the outreach youth worker.

The office premises of the Outreach youth worker are located in the youth center Tippala (Pirkantie 2, 99300 Muonio). Personal data is processed in investigative youth work. The data protection statement can be seen in the Outreach youth work office.

Youth services info

Youth secretary

Heidi Pouttu

+358 40 5929 281

Outreach youth worker

Sanna-Mari Pöyry

+358 40 489 5167

e-mails: first name.last