Library card

Muonio municipal library belongs to the libraries of Lapland. Lapland's libraries have a common online library, library card and transport service. So you have the material and expertise of the entire Lapland region at your disposal.

How do I get a library card?

You can get a personal, free Library card at all offices of the Lapland library. You can only have one library card of the Lapland Library. You can get a library card by presenting your identity card and providing your contact information. You must have a postal address in the Nordic countries.

A library card can also be issued to community customers. Obtaining a Community Library Card requires the appointment of a responsible person who is part of the permanent staff. The rules of use also apply to community customers. Movies, games and computer programs intended for private home use cannot be borrowed with the community card.

A person under the age of 15 or a dependent needs a guarantor who is responsible for the use of the library by the minor/dependent. A person banned from lending cannot become a guarantor.

You are responsible for your library card and the material borrowed with it, as well as the use of your username and password.

What is password needed for?

Some of the library's services require a password, which you can get in person, by presenting your ID, at all offices of the Lapland library. The password is not given by email or phone.

A password is needed e.g. for renewing own loans, reserving material in the online library and borrowing e-books.

What if the card is lost?

The loss of a library card must be reported immediately to one of Lapland's libraries. The owner or custodian of the card is not responsible for misuse of the card that occurred after notification. You can claim a new card to replace the lost one after proving your identity.

Linking the child's card to the guardian's account

You need the number and pin code of your own library card and the number and pin code of the child's Library card

  1. log in to Finna with your library card number and pin code
  2. go to the Library cards tab under My account
  3. click the Attach library card / parallel card button
  4. add the name of the Library card, the child's Library card number and the child's pin code -> click the save button
  • the connected library card is shown in your information, and in the My information section you can choose which card's information you are viewing
  • even if the child's card is connected to the parent's account, the child's Library card number and pin code can be used to log in directly to the child's account

Please also remember to notify the library of changes in contact information.




Visiting hours

Mon - Thurs 12:00 - 19:00
Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Self-help time

Mon - Sun from 07:00 to 21:00 outside service hours

Contact information

Muonio municipal library

Pirkantie 3
PL  52
99301 Muonio

borrowing  +358 40 356 6254
mobile library +358 400 398 219


Paula Löppönen
library director-culture secretary
+358 40 489 5110

Marja Alatalo
library clerk Muonio library/
Nordic library car
+358 40 356 6254

Vertti Barkholm
youth worker-library clerk
+358 40 489 5193

Sylvia Veini
library car librarian
+358 400 398 219

Kari Ylitalo
library car driver-officer
+358 400 398 219