Municipality and administration

Decision making

From August 2020, the agendas and minutes of the municipal government and municipal council can be found via this link, and from the beginning of 2021, all institutions (fi)

The agendas will be published on the website after they are completed, and the minutes will be added for viewing after the minutes have been checked.

Decision making

In the municipality, the highest decision-making power is exercised by the 17-member municipal council, whose duties are stipulated in Section 14 of the Municipal Act.

The municipal government, as a leading multi-member planning, guiding, preparation and executive  body, ensures the implementation of the municipality's operational concept and the goals set by the council.

The boards are institutions under the government. Depending on the industry, they handle various permanent tasks, and the decision on tasks is up to the council. The council defines the tasks of the boards with the provisions of the administrative rules.

The task of the boards is to work close to service production, to lead and supervise the production of different services in the municipality. The role of the boards also includes strengthening and bringing forward the municipal perspective when developing service production.

In addition to the statutory boards (audit board and central election board), the following currently operate in the municipality:

  • vitality board
  • welfare board
  • board of education
  • The rural board of Fell Lapland

The board of the library car works under the authority of the Board of Education.

The municipality has a youth council and a council for the elderly and disabled, whose composition, appointment and operating conditions are decided by the municipal government. It can also appoint separate committees to carry out tasks stipulated or assigned to the board and transfer its decision-making power to them. In addition, the boards can, if necessary, set up working groups to deal with a specific matter.

Muonion kunta

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