Muonio Municipality's data reserves

Cultural services

The database contains the information needed to organize basic education and training, the information needed to organize pupil and student care, and the information needed to organize early childhood education. The database also contains information about the customers, collections and activities of the library services and the customer information of the sports, youth and cultural services organized by the municipality and the civic college. The database contains both public and confidential information.

Information systems

School administration system Primus, customer information system for school curators Pro Consona, early childhood resource management system Daisy, library information system Koha, library space reservation system Varaamo, civic college and sports services course information system Hellewi, gym appointment system Vello, gym key and access register SMARTair TS1000, client and statistics system for investigative youth work PARent, youth work documentation and statistical system nuoDuo

Search factors

Name, social security number, contact information, unit, key identifier

Competent authority

Muonio municipality, board of education