Building control

Action permit

Action permit (=toimenpidelupa) is a lighter permit option than a building permit.

Action permit is regulated in Section 126 of the Land Use and Construction Act and the municipality's building regulations (fi).

Action permit is required for e.g.:

  • facade modification works
  • canopy, shed, terrace and performance stage
  • barbecue hut / gazebo
  • fencing
  • property-specific wastewater system
  • building a geothermal system
  • other projects that the authority considers to be subject to a permit

The permit is applied electronically at (fi).

Attachments required for the permit application:

  • Statement of ownership and management of the construction site (no more than three months old promissory note, deed of sale or tenancy agreement).
  • Report on the neighbor's consultation
  • Position drawing and master drawings
  • Other attachments that the building inspector may require on a case-by-case basis in connection with the permit application.


The price of the action permit is determined according to the Muonio municipality's building control fee (fi).

Validity period of the permit

The action permit expires if the work has not been completed within three years of the permit being issued.






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