Library car

The joint Nordic library car works in cooperation with the border counties of Finland, Norway and Sweden, Muonio, Enontekiö, Pajala and Kautokeino. There is material in the car in Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Sami. The car's material can also be returned to the main libraries.
The car's staff will guide you in searching for information and using the collection. The phone number of the library van is +358 400 398 219.

You can watch an introductory video about the operation of the shared Nordic library car here. The link opens in a new window.


You can find the 2023 schedule HERE.

Good to know

  • borrowing is free of charge
  • the loan period is at least 3 weeks
  • keep your library card with you when borrowing, it speeds up the service
  • renewing a lost Library card costs 3 euros
  • materials can be ordered from other libraries if they are not found in the library car
  • we charge 2 euros for long-distance loans and 2 euros for reminder letters, 3 euros for the 2nd notice
  • damaged or lost library material must be replaced
  • as a guardian, you are responsible for the loans of your minor children

Renewal of loans

In the online library, you can renew your loan, make reservations and use e-materials.

You can renew the loan five times, if there are no reservations. There may be restrictions on renewing the loan depending on the material (for example Quick Loans and reference library material). The loan can be renewed in the library, online or by phone.

Order a Reading box for school or kindergarten!

The reading box can also be ordered for schools on the route of the library van!

Do you want versatile reading material for your class that is suitable for readers of different levels?

It is possible to order a Reading Box for the school from the library, i.e. a couple of boxes of books to borrow according to your wishes. The boxes can contain, for example, various non-fiction or, for example, information books related to a certain theme. The reading box is a great way to increase students' reading enthusiasm, make it easier to find suitable books and get additional sources to support different subjects or phenomenon-based projects!

Order the boxes well in advance, preferably two weeks before you need them.
You can order the boxes using the form found behind the link (fi). The loan period of the box is 6 weeks.

Joint libraries

Muonio municipal library (administration)
PL 52
99301 Muonio
Puh. +358 40 356 6254, +358 40 489 5110

Enontekiö municipal library
PL 46
99401 Enontekiö
Puh. +358 40 357 9905
Fax +358 16 556 229

Kautokeino library
N-9520 Kautokeino
Puh. +47 784 871 78

Karesuando library
Besöksadress: Skolan
Postadress: Biblioteket
Box 30
S-980 16 Karesuando
Puh./Fax: +46 981 323 40


Visiting hours

Mon - Thurs 12:00 - 19:00
Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Self-help time

Mon - Sun from 07:00 to 21:00 outside service hours

Contact information

Muonio municipal library

Pirkantie 3
PL  52
99301 Muonio

borrowing  +358 40 356 6254
mobile library +358 400 398 219


Paula Löppönen
library director-culture secretary
+358 40 489 5110

Marja Alatalo
library clerk Muonio library/
Nordic library car
+358 40 356 6254

Vertti Barkholm
youth worker-library clerk
+358 40 489 5193

Sylvia Veini
library car librarian
+358 400 398 219

Kari Ylitalo
library car driver-officer
+358 400 398 219