Collections and services


Muonio's library has a diverse collection that contains more than 50,000 works.

  • fiction and non-fiction book collections
  • children's and youth collections
  • newspapers and magazines
  • PS4 console games, music, audiobooks and movies
  • plain language books and Celia audiobooks
  • Lapland collection: contains Lapland-related works and works by Lapland writers
  • Home region collection

Borrowing from libraries in Lapland

The public libraries of Lapland have entered into a cooperation agreement in 2015. Thanks to this, customers of the Muonio library can order materials from the libraries of Lapland free of charge. You have access to approx. 420,000 works with one card.

Lapland's libraries have a common reservation queue. It means that the customer can borrow the material he has reserved from any library in Lapland. You will receive a notification by e-mail, text message or letter when the reserved material is available for retrieval. The notification states how long the material will be reserved. If you do not apply for a reservation, the library will charge a fee of two (2) euros for uncollected reservations.

Interlibrary loans from outside Lapland's library

The library can order materials outside the Lapland library in Finland or abroad as interlibrary loans. A distance loan fee of two (2) euros is charged for long-distance loans. Fees for scientific libraries are charged according to actual expenses.

When ordering interlibrary loans, the loan periods and fees of the lending library are followed. Libraries may have collections that are not interlibrary.

Online services and e-materials

From Lapland's library website, you can process your loans, update your library card information and familiarize yourself with Lapland's library e-materials.

The new Northern eLibrary collection includes e-books, e-audio books, newspapers, movies, music and playing lessons. More detailed user instructions for the services can be found here.

Book services

Ellibs - domestic e-books and audiobooks. Works on a mobile device with the Ellibs application.

OverDrive - e-books and audiobooks in English. Works on a mobile device with the Libby application.

Newspaper services

eMagz - domestic magazines

ePress - domestic newspapers. The service can only be used in libraries.

PressReader - foreign magazines and newspapers. Works on a mobile device with the PressReader application

Music services

Rockway - singing and playing video courses in Finnish.

Naxos Music Library - classical music streaming service. Works on a mobile device with the Naxos Music Library application. Use of the mobile application requires separate registration.

Video services

Kirjastokino (fi) - domestic and foreign films and series for all ages. Unlimited borrowing times.

Viddla - domestic and foreign films and series for all ages. Borrowing times 3 / month. - live broadcasts and recordings of art and jazz music concerts, documentaries and teaching material.

Procurement proposals

Material acquisition proposals can be submitted to the library staff directly or by e-mail: or by filling out a form in the online library.

Facilities, equipment and services

  • Multi-purpose room
    • A workspace for quiet work
    • Playstation 4 game console with VR accessories and a collection of games
    • Music listening devices with HIFI headphones
  • Three client computers, printer, scanner and copier
  • Four tablets available in the library premises
  • Free WIFI
  • Toilet facilities and diaper changing station
  • Ramp at the back door
  • You can also book Kyläpirti for, for example, hobbies, gatherings or civic activities.

You can reserve a device or a multi-purpose room at Varaamo or by contacting the library directly.


Customer guidance and online transactions

Guidance on online services is part of the library's service mission. Guidance is given at a general level. The customer is guided to the correct pages and the general principles of the transaction are explained. The library staff does not deal with online services on behalf of the customer.

The library staff helps with information retrieval, basic use of the library's customer computers, printing, copying, document scanning, getting to know the e-library and, for example, using tablets and smartphones.

The library does not take responsibility for the filling out of personal forms, money transactions or user passwords, technical faults of the customer's devices, or any harm or problems caused by network and telecommunications faults.

Digital guidance

Does using a computer, tablet or phone bother you? Do you need help using, for example, social media or other online services? In digital advice, you can ask for help using your own device, ask for help with a problem you are facing, or practice using the devices in general together with the clerk.

Home service

The library's home service is a free service intended for people with mobility impairments who cannot do business in the library themselves due to disability, illness or old age. The home service worker visits the customer about once a month or according to the agreement and brings new loans when he comes and takes the old loans when he leaves.

The library's home service is free of charge.

If you want to become a customer of the library's home service, contact the library.

tel. +358 40 3566254

Services for people with reading disabilities - Celia

Celia is a special library that produces and distributes audiobooks for people with reading disabilities. The reason for reading difficulty can be, for example, visual impairment or impaired vision, reading difficulty, intellectual disability, or a temporary, disease-induced reading disability.

It is possible to borrow Celia's CD-format audiobooks from the libraries of the Lapland library collection. They can be listened to on CD players equipped with mp3 capability or on computers.

It is possible to register as a Celia customer in our library. Celia's online service customer can listen to audiobooks on their own computer, tablet or smartphone. It is also possible to register as a listener of audio books in CD format. In this case, the customer receives 1–5 audiobooks from Celia sent to their home per month. Celia's entire audiobook collection, currently around 40,000 books, is available in the online service.


Visiting hours

Mon - Thurs 12:00 - 19:00
Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Self-help time

Mon - Sun from 07:00 to 21:00 outside service hours

Contact information

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mobile library +358 400 398 219


Paula Löppönen
library director-culture secretary
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Marja Alatalo
library clerk Muonio library/
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Vertti Barkholm
youth worker-library clerk
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Sylvia Veini
library car librarian
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Kari Ylitalo
library car driver-officer
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