Building control

Building permit


You need a building permit (=rakennuslupa), e.g. for the following construction projects:

  • building construction
  • expansion of the building
  • adding a countable space to the floor area
  • construction of a temporary building
  • repair and alteration work comparable to the construction of a building
  • building repair and modification work affecting safety and health conditions
  • substantially changing the purpose of use of the building or its part
  • dismantling or building load-bearing structures
  • construction of new wet rooms in the building

The level of work that requires a building permit is usually so high that it is practically impossible to get through without the help of a construction professional. So hire an expert designer to supervise your project.

The permit is applied electronically at (fi)


Attachments required for the permit application:

  • Master drawings, which include layout, floor, facade and section drawings and structural sections.
  • Statement of ownership and management of the construction site (no more than three months old promissory note, deed of sale or tenancy agreement).
  • Excerpt from the cityplan, master plan, a detailed shore plan.
  • Report on the neighbor's consultation
  • Head designer.
  • Waste water plan, if the construction project is not located in the water supply area.
  • Prior permits and statements, e.g. deviation decision or planning need solution with legal validity certificate.
  • City plan map (in a planned area) or approach map (in a sparsely populated area).
  • Energy report and certificate, as well as a report on the implementation of thermal insulation regulations.
  • Moisture management plan.
  • Trade, association or foundation register extract (if the applicant is a company).
  • Excerpt (if the applicant is a joint-stock company).
  • Other attachments that the building inspector may require on a case-by-case basis in connection with the permit application.

The price of the building permit is determined according to the Muonio municipality's building control fee (fi).

Validity period of the permit

The building permit expires if the construction work is not started within three years or completed within five years.

You can apply for an extension to the validity period of the permit or the start of construction work during the validity period of the permit. The application must state the reasons why the work has not been started or completed.




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