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Free birth control

The municipality of Muonio offers free birth control to all 14-25-year-old municipal residents (Municipal Council 16 December 2019, § 83). Free contraception includes birth control pills, - ring, - patch, - capsule and - IUDs and condoms. Free condoms are available from the school health nurse and the youth center in Tippala. After giving birth, the first contraception is free of charge.

Birth control path in Muonio:

1. Applying for a health nurse

  • Birth control initial visit, i.e. interview and free trial of the preparation for 3 months. Based on telephone or reception appointment, extension for another 6 months.

2. Follow-up visit

  • Follow-up visit to the health nurse. If the product is suitable, a prescription is requested from the doctor for 1-2 years.

3. Pharmacy

  • Searching for a birth control product with a prescription at the pharmacy is free of charge.

4. Renewing the prescription

  • If the product is suitable, the prescription will be renewed through the health nurse from the doctor. Contact the health nurse first.

5. When the situation changes

  • Contact a health nurse.


In all situations, always contact your healthcare provider well in advance (in the case of birth control pills, approx. 3 months before the birth control pills run out).


Contact information:

Health nurse Outi Palojoensuu, tel. +358 40 3542 970

Health nurse Elli Sarajärvi, tel. +358 40 8245 892





Health nurse

Outi Palojoensuu

tel. +358 40 3542 970

Health nurse

Elli Sarajärvi

tel. +358 40 8245 892