Building control

Demolition permit / notification


A demolition permit (=purkamislupa) is required to demolish a building or part of it:

  • in the town plan area
  • in an area where a building ban is in effect in order to draw up a partial master plan or site plan
  • if so prescribed in the general plan

No demolition permit is required

  • for the demolition of an economic building or other comparable minor building, unless the building is historically significant or architecturally valuable or part of such an entity
  • if the valid building permit requires the demolition of the building
  • if the street plan according to the Land Use and Construction Act or the approved road plan according to the Highways Act requires the demolition of the building

If a demolition permit is not required, then a demolition notice must be submitted to the building inspectorate 30 days before the demolition work begins. The purpose of the notification is to remove the building from the building register and thereby also from the scope of possible real estate taxation. For a justified reason, building control may require applying for a demolition permit before the demolition start date.

The permit is applied electronically at (fi)

When filling the permit, you should be prepared to inform the amount, quality and utilization or location of the generated waste, unless the amount of waste is small. Possible demolition waste hazardous to health and the environment and their processing or placement location are recorded separately in the application.

Attachments required for the permit application:

  • Statement of ownership of the building
  • Station drawing/map extract
  • Report on the neighbor's consultation

The price of the building permit is determined according to the Muonio municipality's building control fee (fi).

Building control info

Building inspector

 Jaakko Muotka

+358 40 516 0790

Office secretary

 Sari Virkkunen

+358 40 489 5106

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