Education and training

Early childhood education

Notification of early childhood education times

Early childhood education times are announced through the DaisyFamily service.

Early childhood education groups

1. kindergarten Tunturihelmi groups

  • Puolukka, 1-3 y.
  • Hilla, 3-4 y.
  • Vadelma, 4-5 y.
  • Mansikka, for children who need round the clock day care
  • Herukka, morning and afternoon care for preschoolers

2. Family daycare care provider's own home
3. Three- or four-family treatment (discretionary operation)
4. Children's own home (discretionary action)

Morning and afternoon care for preschoolers Eskari operates in the preschool's premises. Treatment starts at 07:30 and continues right after preschool until 17:15. Early childhood education for preschoolers is organized in other early childhood education units, if necessary, during the school holidays.

The interruption or end of the need for early childhood education is reported to the early childhood education group or the director of early childhood education as soon as possible, and the termination is done through eDaisy.


Early childhood education plan

The early childhood education plan is governed by the Early Childhood Education Act, which stipulates the child's right to early childhood education and the goals of early childhood education. Early childhood education is one important part of the entire municipality's education system.

Early childhood education brochure

The brochure (fi) contains information about Muonio municipality's early childhood education practices and early childhood education customer fees.

Home care support

If the child is not in early childhood education, the family can apply for home care support from Kela. Notification to Kela of both the start and end of early childhood education belongs to the guardians. The director of early childhood education monitors Kela's child care support recipient and payment lists (Act on support for children's home care and private care § 24 subsection 1)

In the municipality of Muonio, it is also possible to receive a additional municipal supplement with home care support.

Subjective right to early childhood education

The subjective right to early childhood education was restored as of August 1, 2020. All children have the right to participate in early childhood education according to the child's needs. The right to early childhood education does not depend on whether the child's parent or other guardian is employed full-time or part-time, whether they are unemployed or whether they participate in training or internships organized as labor policy measures, or whether the parents are entrepreneurs or are studying. The extent of early childhood education is also not affected by whether the child's parent is on family leave or care leave to care for another child in the family.

Early childhood education info

Puthaanrannantie 15 B
99300 Muonio

Muonion kunta
Puthaanrannantie 15
99300 Muonio

acting director of early childhood education
Kaisa Mella
+358 40 489 5113

early childhood education special needs teacher
Leena Raitanen
+358 40 489 5180

Päiväkoti Tunturihelmi
Pirkantie 15 A ja B (Vadelma, Hilla ja Puolukka)
Pirkantie 22 A 1 (Mansikka)
99300 Muonio
Personal email address
first name.last

+358 40 489 5115        

+358 40 489 5168        

+358 40 489 5165

+358 40 489 5114      

(morning and afternoon care for preschoolers)
+358 40 4895163