Library services

Welcome to Library!

Muonio municipal library offers up-to-date material collections and online materials, an information service, customer workstations and library facilities free of charge. You can make reservations and purchase proposals for the material. Materials are also forwarded from other libraries for interlibrary loan.

Libraries and their services can be used by everyone who follows the rules of use. You need a library card to borrow and use some other services. Library staff are happy to answer questions related to library operations.

In the online library, you can renew your loan, make reservations and familiarize yourself with e-materials. In the online library, you have access to the common material database of the entire library of Lapland.


Visiting hours

Mon - Thurs 12:00 - 19:00
Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Self-help time

Mon - Sun from 07:00 to 21:00 outside service hours

Contact information

Muonio municipal library

Pirkantie 3
PL  52
99301 Muonio

borrowing  +358 40 356 6254
mobile library +358 400 398 219


Paula Löppönen
library director-culture secretary
+358 40 489 5110

Marja Alatalo
library clerk Muonio library/
Nordic library car
+358 40 356 6254

Vertti Barkholm
youth worker-library clerk
+358 40 489 5193

Sylvia Veini
library car librarian
+358 400 398 219

Kari Ylitalo
library car driver-officer
+358 400 398 219