In Muonio, Kyläpirtti Muonioon project funded by Fell Lapland Leader was implemented. The purpose of the project was to create Kyläpirtti, a networking, meeting and event place in the municipal center of Muonio, which increases the village's vitality, sense of community and entrepreneurship.

Booking Kyläpirtti:

Send an email, kylapirtti@muonio.fi

Please let us know when you make your reservation inquiry

  1. Name of the reservation and contact information (name, phone number and email address of the person responsible for the reservation) and any association or other entity on whose behalf you make the reservation.
  2. Time: day of the week, date and time when the activity/meeting itself starts and ends. This time and the name of the reservation you entered will be announced in Kyläpirtti event calendar on the municipality's website and is publicly visible to everyone.
  3. There is always a half-hour changeover time between different bookings, but let us know if your activity needs particularly long preparations / final cleaning.

Who is Kyläpirtti for?

Until August 31, 2019, Kyläpirtti can be reserved for various actors of the municipal organization, associations and other actors who promote the municipality's vitality, community, inclusion and municipal activity and are non-profit public benefit actors. After the project period, from September 1, 2019, by decision of the municipal board (March 18, 2019), space will also be offered for a fee for use, e.g. for small-scale business activities. The usage allowance is 20€/hour for the first hour and 10€/hour for the following hours. The space cannot be booked as accommodation or for the time being, for example, for family parties, as these services are available by local entrepreneurs.

What does Kyläpirtti enable?

Kyläpirti is supposed to offer cooperation and activity opportunities for many different actors. An important part is the activation of associations and the strengthening of the interaction, cooperation and participation of municipal residents.

Village beer can be used, for example, in the following:

  • Meetings of associations
  • Events
  • Trainings
  • Enthusiast gatherings
  • Small-scale presentations
  • Group activities (for all age groups)

Booking calendar

You can view the booking status
From Kyläpirtti booking calendar (fi).


Kyläpirtti info


Puthaanrannantie 15 A
99300 Muonio

Pirkantie 4 B
99300 Muonio

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