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Are you planning to start building?

All construction-related permits are applied for electronically at www.lupapiste.fi. The service is registered with bank credentials. 

Construction is regulated by the Land Use and Construction Act, The National Building Code maintained by the Ministry of the Environment and the municipality's building regulations (fi).

You need a permit to build a new building, to expand an existing building, or to make a change comparable to construction, as well as to repair and modify a building that affects safety and health conditions. The construction of a geothermal heat and waste water system are also measures that require a permit.

Before applying for a building permit, check whether you need a deviation permit or a planning solution for the project.

A deviation permit is required when there is a need to deviate from the order of construction plan or other legally binding provision in the construction.

A planning requirement solution is required when building is built in the vicinity of a zoning plan area or in the planning requirement areas specified in the construction order.


Building control info

Building inspector

 Jaakko Muotka

+358 40 516 0790

Office secretary

 Sari Virkkunen

+358 40 489 5106

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