Community college

General information about the community college

Registration for courses

All courses must be registered in advance, unless otherwise stated in the course information. Students are admitted to the courses in order of registration. The courses start when there are enough pre-registered people. The launch will not be announced separately. Cancellation of the course will be notified.

When registering, the student undertakes to pay the course fee. Registration can be canceled free of charge by the last registration date mentioned for the course by contacting the civic college. Without timely cancellation or for courses that are not canceled at all, the course fee will be invoiced in full. Absences from the course do not reduce the course fee. If the civic college has to be closed due to an epidemic, lessons missed for this reason will not be billed. for this reason, all semester-long courses are invoiced at the end of the semester.

The minimum group size in the church village is 6 and in the side villages 4. The group size of special courses is announced separately.

Course fees

Course-specific prices as well as the last registration dates are indicated in the study program. The fee for individual music lessons is 30€/semester. The course fees for other courses are as follows: 0-15 hour courses 25€, 16-30 hour courses 35€ and 31-40 hour courses 45€. The prices of courses of more than 40 hours and special courses are defined separately for each course. Course fees do not include material fees. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.

Invoices for community college course fees are sent by post. If the course has the possibility of a one-time payment, it will be paid in cash to the teacher at the relevant lesson.

The family discount is 25% for all family members participating in the same course. The family discount does not apply to courses organized in cooperation with the Open University or Ammattiopisto Lappia.

The course fee for exercise courses can also be paid with a Tyky fitness voucher. When paying with vouchers, the course fee is paid to the civic college office immediately after the course starts. Smartum vouchers will no longer be accepted as a means of payment at the community college from January 1, 2020.

Educational institution cooperation

Community College cooperates with other educational institutions in the region. Thanks to the cooperation, high school students, among other things, can collect some courses as applied courses at the high school by agreeing the matter in advance with the high school principal.


Each student receives a certificate of participation upon request. The price is 5€/certificate.


Civic College manages the exam service, which allows you to take exams from educational institutions located further away from Muonio. Exams are agreed separately. The fee is 10€/exam.

Community college info

Community college office
Puthaanrannantie 15
(B-talo, toinen kerros)
99300 MUONIO

acting cultural director
Päivi Rantakokko
tel. +358 40 489 5160

office secretary
Heikki Tuikka
tel. +358 40 353 3424

The office is open Mon-Fri from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m