Municipality and administration

Public transport

Business traffic in Muonio municipality

There are currently two lines of business traffic operating in Muonio municipality. Commuter traffic can be used, for example, to go to the store or for other transactions in the center/villages.

1. South Muonio line: Tapojärvi - Kaalamaniemi-  Kihlanki - Kangosjärvi - Muonio center back and forth. The operator of the line is Reponiemen Taksipalvelu Oy. Based on advance reservations, the line runs one (1) time per week. Queries: ja +358 40 746 3481

2. North Muonio line: Sonkamuotka - Kätkäsuvanto - Ylimuonio - Muonio center back and forth. Esa Salmi acts as the operator of the line. Based on advance reservations, the line runs one (1) time per week. Queries: ja +358 400 391 905

The price of a taxi ride follows the price of a public transport ticket, check the up-to-date price and driving time/day from the operator when booking.

Onward connections from railway stations and the airport to Muonio

Further connections Muonio - Kolari railway station - Muonio

(updated 14 November 2022)

There are several further connections between Muonio and Kolari railway station, depending on e.g. of the season. Check the information on the service providers' own channels, directly from them when making a reservation, or on possible digital ticket sales channels. The municipality of Muonio is not responsible, for example, for ticket pricing, so the information and data on the websites below are information provided by third parties and therefore we are not responsible for any changes.

  • To Kolari railway station from the area of the Muonio center, there is a transport service provided by the municipality, supported by the municipality of Muonio and the ELY Centre of Lapland, from trains arriving or departing there, if orders have been received in advance. The transport works on the principle of a call taxi, which means that the need for a ride must be reported to the contractor (from 1 November 2022 Taksi Hirsikangas/Xapes Oy) in advance no later than the night before at 6 p.m. If there are no ordered rides, the shifts will not run. Reservations can be made by calling +358 40 0793112 (24/7) or by emailing Tickets are also on sale in Matkahuolto's online service. The transport is run according to the reservations and the customers are picked up/taken home in the urban area of Muonio. You can board or disembark the transport also from the bus stops along Muonio - Kolari VT21 according to pre-bookings (agree on this when booking and other possible onward connections). You should check the up-to-date price with the operator when booking. Changes are possible. More information at .
  • The genuine and original "Junataksi" connection between Kolari railway station and Muonio will continue from November 1, 2022 on market terms. The service remains unchanged as a call taxi service, where the ride must be ordered no later than 6:00 p.m. the night before, so that the ride can be guaranteed. The connection is from the Kolari railway station to Muonio Seo, and further connections are at an additional cost. Orders can be made either through Matkahuolto at, by e-mail or by phone at +358 500 771514. If the trip includes a connecting connection or something unusual, it is recommended to order Matka directly from company instead of Matkahuolto, in order to be better prepared for the matter. We reserve the right to make changes. You can find more information about Junataks and our other services at (fi).
  • In addition to the above mentioned, part of the year and train times are usually also served by Uusitalon Taksit (fi), whose possible services, prices and schedules can be found on their website.

Onward connections from Rovaniemi railway station

(updated 14 November 2022)

The distance from Rovaniemi railway station to Muonio is approx. 230 km. The trip by bus takes about 3 hours. You can get more detailed information about bus schedules and prices on Matkahuolto's website. (Source:


Onward connections from Kittilä airport

(updated 14 November 2022)

Muonio Kutsuliikenne: Muonio/Olos/Jeris/Pallas-Kittilä airport: Register for transfers to Tapio Hietalahti no later than 24 hours before the flight by e-mail to Transportation is offered to and from every Finnair flight, as an invitation service all year round. The line is run only when one or more passengers have registered for the transport. More information and detailed instructions for making a reservation at (fi)

Other traffic

(updated 14 November 2022)

Muut liikenneyhteydet löytyvät Matkahuollon verkkosivuilta. Paikallisten taksien yhteystiedot löytyvät kunnan verkkosivujen etusivun yrityspalveluhakemistosta (valitse toimialaluokituksesta: Taksit).

Other transport connections can be found on Matkahuolto's website

The Arctic Route - Muoniosta Norjan Tromssaan bussilla!

The Muonio - Tromssa - Muonio line runs daily from 1 December 2022 to 31 March 2023. Check out the line here (fi).

Mobility support services according to the Social Welfare Act

The mobility support service granted as a support service in accordance with the Social Care Act is a budget-related and discretionary benefit granted for one calendar year at a time. When granting trips, the customer's income and wealth, as well as the possibility of using business traffic, are taken into account.

Mobility support services in accordance with the Social Welfare Act are organized for persons who are unable to use public transport independently due to illness, disability or other similar reasons that reduce their ability to function, and who need the service for doing business or other daily life needs.

The transport service is requested using a form (fi) prepared for the purpose. The transport service application is submitted to the service planner, who makes a decision on the matter.

Organizing taxi services that support movement in accordance with the Social Welfare Act (fi)