Building control

Deviation permit

A deviation permit (=poikkeamislupa) is required

  • if the construction project deviates from the plan, construction regulations, regulations, restrictions, prohibitions or other restrictions.
  • is built on a beach area that does not have a beach or general plan that could be used as a basis for granting a building permit

After a positive deviation decision, other necessary permits are applied for, e.g. a building permit. Permit applications can be initiated at the same time as the deviation permit application. However, permits cannot be granted until the deviation permit decision is legally binding.

The permit is applied electronically at (fi)

Attachments required for the permit application:

  • Statement of ownership and management of the construction site (no more than three months old promissory note, deed of sale or tenancy agreement).
  • Position drawing.
  • Report on the neighbor's consultation.
  • Site plan map (in a planned area) or approach map (in a sparsely populated area)

The price of the deviation permit is determined according to the Muonio municipality's building control fee (fi).

Building control info

Building inspector

 Jaakko Muotka

+358 40 516 0790

Office secretary

 Sari Virkkunen

+358 40 489 5106

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