Entrepreneur in Muonio

Business services

Yritystulkki service at your disposal

When you are thinking about starting a company or developing your company's operations, we recommend using Yritystulkki service (fi) offered by Muonio municipality. In the Yritystulkki service, you will find a lot of useful material and support for entrepreneurs. In Yritystulkki service, you can do e.g. electronic business plan and calculate your company's profitability. You need a business plan, for example, when you do business with Muonio municipality's vitality services, a financier or the TE services.


Cooperation networks in business services

We work in cooperation with regional business developers, e.g. In the regional business service group of Fell Lapland. Through our network, we will find the most suitable path for you together and advise you on the professional services you need.

Our important partners are:
Fell Lapland Development

Fell Lapland Development is an association owned by the municipalities of Enontekiö and Muonio, whose mission is to protect the interests of its member municipalities, implement joint regional development and promote the region's vitality.

Leader Tunturi-Lappi association

Leader Tunturi-Lappi association (fi) supports, finances, advises and develops the region together with municipalities, associations, entrepreneurs and partners. The purpose is to keep the countryside a vibrant and profitable place to live, be and entrepreneur, together.

Through Leader Tunturi-Lappi, you can apply for a variety of business support as well as support for projects of general interest for ideas implemented in the region of Fell Lapland.

Lapland's TE services

Lapland's TE services entrepreneurship-related services include e.g. start-up grant application and decisions, light entrepreneurship coaching, entrepreneurship coaching and the Startti Plus service.

Lapland's Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres)

Lapland's Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment is an important partner for starting, developing and growing companies. ELY Centres grants development assistance for development measures and investments of SMEs.

Lappia Vocational College and Lappia-Education Ltd

Located in Muonio, Lappia Vocational College and Lappia-Education Ltd is an educational institution offering secondary vocational education, where you can study e.g. construction, tourism, nature and wilderness guide, care and chef industries. Lappia flexibly tailors various study units, trainings and courses also to the needs of working life and companies, and also trains on demand.

Muonion Yrittäjät ry (=The entrepreneurs of Muonio association)

Muonio Yrittäjät ry (fi) is the local division of the entrepreneurs in Finland and Lapland. Entrepreneurs are active in Muonio and participate in many collaborations and regional development activities. The Entrepreneurs of Muonio have managed to hold regular morning coffees for entrepreneurs, where you can freely exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs on current issues and get peer support.

Luoteis-Lapin matkailuyhdistys ry (=North-West Lapland Tourism Association)

Luoteis-Lapin matkailuyhdistys ry is the tourism organization of our region, whose mission is to promote tourism and manage tourism marketing in the region in cooperation with entrepreneurs and the municipality. Luoteis-Lapin matkailuyhdistys ry maintains the Muonio tourism website.


Business financing

Start-up grant promotes new business activities and employment. Start-up grant is applied for from the TE services, E-services section, where, among other things, the company's operational and financial plan is explained. However, please contact business advice first.

Lapland's Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) grants development assistance for SME development measures and investments when the company starts operations, intends to renew its operations or aims for growth.

ELY Centres also grants rural business subsidies (fi) offer opportunities for many types of companies, starting and expanding ones, to develop and renew their operations. You can apply for rural business subsidies, even if you do not practice agriculture in addition to business activities. Business support is applied for from the ELY centes or from the local Leader association.

Companies in the area can apply for customized and cost-effective development services (fi) from the ELY center. The services are aimed at SMEs that want to develop their business, grow, renew and internationalize.

Through Leader Tunturi-Lappi association (fi), you can apply for business support for ideas implemented in the Tunturi-Lappi region. The support is Leader support, which consists of funding granted by the EU, the state and municipalities.

Business Finland offers funding for research, product development and a wide range of business development needs, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Large companies and research organizations can get funding for joint projects with SMEs.

Finnvera improves and diversifies companies' financing opportunities with loans, guarantees, capital investments and export financing services.

Check out the business financing guidebook Sole ko hakea! (fi)