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Rural services

The rural manager performs the tasks of the local rural business authority. The municipality of Muonio acts as the host municipality in the cooperation area of the rural settlement administration of Fell Lapland. The full-time agricultural secretary at the Kittilä municipal office also works in rural administration. Enontekiö's rural administration services are handled by the above-mentioned office holders in both the Muonio and Kittilä municipal offices during normal office opening hours and on reception days determined by the Enontekiö municipal office. Reception days at the Enontekiö municipal office are the second Tuesday of every month, and every Tuesday in April (the main application for agricultural subsidies).

The task area is strongly controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (EU). This industry block includes advisory, support, opinion-making, control and development tasks for various rural businesses, payment tasks according to the centralized agricultural support system (IACS), and various inspections and evaluation tasks, e.g. flood, crop, beast and reindeer damage in our area.

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Rural manager

Heikki Kauppinen

+358 40 082 3471