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Make a municipal initiative

Municipal initiative as a means of local influence

The municipal initiative is a means of local influence, with which municipal residents can make their voices heard in municipal affairs. A municipal initiative is a written initiative prepared by an individual resident or groups of residents, through which a municipality resident can directly influence the operation and decision-making of their own municipality.

When a municipal initiative is taken by at least two percent of the municipality's residents, it must be processed by the council within six months. Municipal initiatives are processed officially and the initiator receives a response to his initiative.

Instructions for creating a municipal initiative

You can make a municipal initiative in the Kuntalaisaloite (Municipal Initiative) online service. is a service provided by the Ministry of Justice and its use is safe and free of charge. You can use the service in Finnish and Swedish. In the online service, you can support and follow the initiatives made by others and make your own initiatives.

Take the initiative for the municipality of Muonio here (fi & swe).

You can also submit the initiative by email or letter to the municipality's registry office:

Puthaanrannantie 15, 99300 Muonio