Document publicity description

Fees for documents

Access to information about documents is free of charge in municipalities when information about the document is provided orally, the document is given to the authority to be read or copied, an electronically stored document is sent by e-mail, or the provision of the document falls within the scope of the authority's obligation to advise, consult or provide information.

A fee may be charged for an information request when retrieving the information requires special measures when the document cannot be identified and found in the document register kept by the authority in accordance with the Public Disclosure Act by means of the document classification and document identifier used in it, or in electronically maintained registers by means of its search functions.

Document fees

A fee based on the currently valid photocopy pricing is charged for minutes, copies and other printouts provided as standard information.

A fixed basic fee (including VAT) is charged for providing information about a document, copy or other printout that requires special measures (searching for information, processing and deleting confidential information), which is scaled according to the difficulty of the information search as follows:

  • normal information search (working time less than 1 h) 10 euros
  • normal information search (working time 1–2 h) 25 euros
  • demanding information search (working time 2–5 h) 50 euros
  • very demanding search for information (working time more than 5 hours) 100 euros and 15 euros per hour is added to it, if the working time used is more than 8 hours
  • if the information search is requested urgently (less than 2 working days), the staggered basic fee is doubled.

In addition to the basic fee, a fee according to photocopy pricing is charged for each page. When documents are sent by post, no separate document delivery fee is charged.

As mentioned above, the tiered fixed fee also applies to providing information about the document orally that requires special information retrieval measures, as well as when the document is given to the authority to be read or copied and when the information is sent via e-mail.

The manager of the office unit or the central archivist decides on the payment.